Timber selection

- knotty pine
- knot-free pine



The lacquer provides the timber with a transparent protection layer, at the same time preserving the timber’s natural appearance. The lacquered surface is easily cleanable with everyday washing means.


The stain brings out the timber pattern and using different tints, it’s possible to make the staircase finishing match the rest of the interior. The wood grain will slightly show through the stain – not like in case of a paint cover. Stained surfaces can be lacquered or oiled.


The oil will show the timber grain, as well, but it does not form a protective layer on the surface like the lacquer does, but absorbs deep into the timber. The damages on the oiled surface are easier to fix than on the lacquered surface, for example. The downside, however, is that it needs special means for cleaning. The “OSMO” oil that we use provides a surface as smooth as when lacquered. Our selection also includes "OSMO" tinted oil.


When a covering paint is used, the surface does not show the timber pattern as well as when using translucent finishing (stain, oil, lacquer). Painted surfaces are easy to take care of. Quite often, a painted staircase is the only solution that matches the rest of the interior.